The Top 10 Benefits of using a Subscription model

The Top 10 Benefits of using a Subscription model

Published by: Sinead Woods
Published date: 31st Aug 2016
Categories: HP Subscriptions

As consumers, we’re all familiar with the concept of subscribing to access products and/or services such as Spotify and Netflix by paying a small but regular monthly fee. For that fee, we get access to content and services that are kept up to date and current and for the majority of users with good broadband these services work a treat!

In the business world, cloud-based subscription models have already revolutionised how businesses interact with software, with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providing affordable access to essential business services. For example, marketing automation packages from Salesforce , Microsoft Office, Adobe, Marketo and Oracle are all SaaS and scale right down to options for small businesses.

So if we welcome subscriptions in every other area of our lives, then why should our businesses be any different? Subscriptions could alleviate the biggest IT problems facing businesses.

Why a subscription economy makes sense

The product economy is shifting into the subscription economy and this is reflected in the number of new subscription companies on the market for a variety of products and services. This is a trend that is set to continue with the market continuing to move towards consumption on an ongoing basis rather than outright purchases.

By 2020 subscriptions will be embraced by more than 80% of software distributors, instead of license and maintenance options. “Customers have moved from buying or leasing technology, to buying IT services, to ‘buying’ long-term relationships with providers,” said Laurie Wurster, research director at Gartner.  “A hybrid cloud/on-premises model is rapidly becoming enterprises’ deployment model of choice, and most software providers are becoming businesses that deploy using a cloud model.”

Despite this, sometimes small and medium businesses can feel like they can’t keep up to date with technology. It’s competitive and difficult to be up to date, without the power of large budgets. A subscription service can help.

Subscription is a better alternative to leasing as it provides hardware, software and services all in one with the added attraction of no large upfront capital costs, enhanced security and increased efficiencies. Cash flow is easy to control with a single, clear monthly fee. It also ensures that SMB’s are not inhibited in their growth by old or outdated technology – with HP subscriptions, companies can gain access to the very latest in devices and software ensuring that they enhance their competitveness in the market.

Not only that but using HP subscriptions offers businesses the ability to get better than Zero financing – the cost of the hardware and services over the 2/3 year term will cost you LESS than the overall cost if you were to purchase outright – now that just makes sense for many SMB’s.

Subscription models simplify all processes of purchasing and related administrative and inventory responsibilities. There is no need to purchase any additional warranties as subscribers no longer own the equipment or have any responsibility for any repairs. This is a perfect option for SMB, startups and rapidly growing companies. Subscription services also provide a unique feature – an ability to discover new products by getting access to the latest and greatest in technology as it comes onto the market.

IT hardware subscription model

The 10 benefits of IT hardware subscription model:

  1. Eliminate the inconvenience of purchasing and installing new hardware over and over again. Work on fresh one replaced every two to three years.
  2. Choose the hardware and software and take advantage of other services available, such as IT and help desk support.
  3. Improve your budgeting and cash flow with clear fees without any additional costs. All at an affordable monthly cost which allows you to control your budget and avoid spending large amount of money at once. Additionally,if you were to pay your costs upfront they will be higher than if a subscription model is used over a 2-3 year period – that’s better than zero finanacing!
  4. Make your life simple with IT support.
  5. Don’t worry about integration and installation as well as updates and upgrades.
  6. Convenient on-site pick up and return.
  7. Benefit from enhanced security.
  8. Accidental damage protection.
  9. Enjoy a hassle-free experience which optimises your performance and allows you to focus on growing your business
  10. Take an advantage from the loyalty and continuing relationships with providers

Convenient and simple with compelling value.

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