Cloud infrastructure

Future-proof your business

Build a stable, cost-effective cloud infrastructure that is easy to manage and flexible to change. Our certified Azure experts will guide digital transformation aligned with your business goals.

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Cloud infrastructure solutions that deliver impact

Every organisation needs a cloud infrastructure custom-built to their unique specifications. Our consultants work closely with your leadership team to identify best-fit solutions, connect IT investments to desired outcomes, and manage cloud integrations and operations to ensure optimised performance and value creation.

Azure architecture

Design and build custom cloud infrastructure informed by Azure proven design patterns and best practices. Our consultants support your cloud planning and development by offering proven design guidance to balance workloads, prioritise security and performance, and ensure a scalable, flexible design to support ongoing innovation.

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Our Azure architecture technology:

  • Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Azure IaaS & PaaS Services


Platform modernisation

Upgrade your cloud infrastructure while streamlining application development and deployment. Our consultants help your business leverage Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to reliably and consistently provision, build, deploy, iterate and test infrastructure in a resilient cloud environment, reducing the risk of deployment issues while supporting rapid iteration at scale.

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Our platform modernisation technology:

  • Azure Containerisation
  • Azure DevOps

Migration to Azure

Cloud migration requires careful coordination and scenario-planning to support business operations, IT security, and migration cost controls throughout this complex transition. Our Cloud Kit helps your business plan out this migration to avoid complications, minimise migration costs, and manage this process in real-time for optimised results.

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Our Azure migration technology:

  • Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Azure Migrate
  • Cloud Kit

Azure managed services

While Azure offers support for more than 6,000 services, the right expertise and personnel are required to leverage the full capabilities of this platform. Our consultants help your business optimise day-to-day service management, freeing up internal resources to focus on innovation and other long-term value creation initiatives.

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Our Azure managed services technology:

  • Azure Monitoring, Management, Automation

Cost management & governance

Keep cloud expenditures aligned with your return on investment. We help your business leverage Azure’s cost management and governance capabilities to control and allocate spending, monitor ongoing expenses, and maintain your flexibility to adjust and optimise spending through transparent, efficient cost control practices.

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Our cost management & governance technology:

  • Microsoft Cost Management
Eamon Breen, Azure Commercial Lead, Codec

“Every cloud infrastructure must be built to serve the specific needs of the client. We never offer standardised solutions or stock service packages. Instead, we work with each client to ensure their needs and goals are completely served by their cloud investment.”

Eamon Breen

Azure Commercial Lead, Codec

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Business impact of cloud infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure solutions by Codec

As more of your business operations move to cloud and hybrid solutions, your underlying cloud infrastructure has a broader and deeper impact on your ability to deliver desired business outcomes. We help your organisation implement cloud infrastructure and ongoing management aligned with these business goals.

  • Modernised architecture
  • Enhanced security
  • Increased scalability
  • Greater flexibility for companies and employees


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Modernising the cloud infrastructure of Ireland's leading organisations

No matter how large or complex your cloud environment has become, Codec’s consultants have the expertise your business needs to manage this complexity at scale. That’s why we’ve earned the trust of some of Ireland’s biggest organisations.

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“Codec truly behave like partners. They make every effort to understand our business priorities and go the extra mile to help us succeed.”

Ian Purdy

Head of Digital Transformation, Queen's University Belfast

Automate cloud migration with Azure Cloud Kit

Manually intensive cloud migrations lead to slow delivery, unforced human errors, soaring costs, and compromised security and compliance. Codec’s Azure Cloud Kit uses automated tools and a streamline approach to eliminate uncertainty and consistency in your cloud migration, allowing your business to scale and innovate with ease.

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