Top 7 Benefits of Using a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

Top 7 Benefits of Using a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

Published by: Kasia Janus
Published date: 23rd Feb 2017

Cloud computing is increasingly becoming a major driving force in the world of information technology. More and more businesses are adopting a cloud first procurement strategy and see the many benefits and growth opportunities in the various cloud offerings on the market.

Over 95% of global enterprises report using cloud as part of their business. With over $33 billion in annual spend, cloud is now the largest category in IT infrastructure budgets. It’s expected that the movement towards the cloud will continue.

Public Cloud Spending isPublic IT Cloud Services - 2019

growing fast

The worldwide public IT cloud services revenue (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS) will reach $141.2 billion by 2019 according to IDC’s forecasts.

While SaaS makes up most spending, PaaS and IaaS are expected to grow at almost twice the rate of SaaS by 2019.


“Greater Cloud Spending” will grow three times by 2020

IDC predicts that “Greater Cloud Spending” will exceed $500B by 2020. The spending includes SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, plus all the professional and managed services of cloud technology (public and private), and software and hardware that support cloud implementation.

Greater Cloud Spending - 2020

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

With the growing demand for cloud services and a strong belief that cloud is a core, Microsoft created the Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP Direct) to help its partners move their customers to the cloud, and build value by providing them with the level of the support they require in the cloud adoption.

This new way of cloud offerings by Microsoft is exciting and revolutionary for two main reasons:

  1. Finally IT cloud solution providers have the power to build the best possible cloud experience for their customers that comes from one source.
  2. Cloud solution providers can now integrate their own cloud products and services with the full suite of familiar Microsoft products in the cloud under only one billing system for all.

The Microsoft Cloud platform comes with following products and services:

  • Office 365
  • Azure
  • Enterprise Mobility Suite
  • Dinamics

Top 7 Benefits of using a CSP for your Microsoft solutions

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

  1. Flexible and simplified monthly billing on all of your Microsoft Cloud Services per user
  2. Pay for what you need and have the ability to increase or decrease licenses instantly at any point
  3. Cost-effective pricing provided through tailor made packages to suit your business’ cloud needs
  4. Improved levels of administrator and user support. Have full access to Admin portal to decide how much control you want and what you want your provider to control or support.
  5. Saves your IT department time in designing, planning and deploying components. By leveraging the expertise of a CSP partner and having all deployment processes managed by the provider you will save time that can be allocated in more strategic business initiatives.
  6. Tailored support for employees and IT departments
  7. Visibility and guidance. Work with your favourite CSP partner who may already know and understand your business and who ensures that you won’t be charged for a service which you don’t require.

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