Dynamics xRM - One Platform, Many Applications

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Dynamics xRM – One Platform, Many Applications

Dynamics xRM is not a product; it is a strategic approach to building a unified system that connects all aspects of a business together. It is a rapid application development framework that brings together the best aspects of the application platform approach and custom solution development; offering solution builders a strong foundation on which to build sustainable line of business applications. Dynamics XRM has opened the traditional view of Dynamics CRM to encompass the concept of “Everything”(X) Relationship Management.

Key Technologies of Dynamics xRM

Dynamics xRM depends on extensibility of the CRM platform on which it is built. Microsoft Dynamics® CRM currently provides the most powerful xRM platform available because of the Microsoft® .NET Framework that underlies it. Companies can typically achieve 80% of their business requirements using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The .Net Framework, meanwhile, provides a common architecture that software developers can use to build custom line-of-business (LOB) applications that supply the remaining 20% of a company’s requirements quickly and economically.

Advantages of Dynamics xRM

Deploying an xRM solution on the foundation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides several crucial advantages.

  • Enhanced automation – Dynamics xRM solutions automate many critical or monotonous tasks that employees would otherwise have to complete manually.
  • Quicker deployments – Software plug-ins expand the functionality of the core Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, so developers do not have to build LOB software from scratch.
  • Security – Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides robust security features, including security roles for users and objects that limit access to sensitive data, SSL connections for data transfer, and more.
  • Stability – Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the stability of an enterprise-level CRM system on which developers can build LOB applications.
  • Integration – Dynamics xRM solutions can connect existing systems to CRM, freeing data trapped in outdated systems. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also provides native integration with Microsoft SharePoint® and Microsoft Office® applications including Outlook®, Excel®, and Word®.
  • Powerful native features – Dynamics xRM solutions built on the foundation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM provide powerful workflows, reporting, data modeling, and web services.
  • Usability – The user interface of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is immediately familiar to anyone who uses Microsoft Office applications.
  • Scalability – Dynamics xRM solutions can scale to match the needs of any organisation, regardless of size.

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