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  • Revive the look and feel of your SharePoint

Aesthetics of your SharePoint are key in driving intranet usage and engaging users to visit.  We wish to provide a site which revolutionises the old-school, standard format into an intranet which will be utilised on a daily basis.

  • Collaboration and Sharing of Knowledge.

The main role of an Intranets is to act as a source of information while also providing a place to do business, carry out tasks and run processes and connect to encourage collaboration.

At Codec we will help you to drive collaboration and encourage connections across the different parts of your intranet.


  • Process automation

If you are interested in using SharePoint to automate your business processes, you have come to the right place. Process automation using SharePoint helps to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Business process automation is one area where SharePoint excels – but it is complex to set up. Our consultants bring a deep knowledge of the platform to help define and automate your processes.

  • Mobility

Codec recognises the importance of mobility with regard to information access on the Intranet.  We can help you straighten out technical issues related to security, mobile devices and provide advice and consulting on mobile infrastructure.

  • SharePoint Migration

We understand that migrating to migrating to the latest version of SharePoint can be a challenge.

At Codec the planning process for SharePoint Migration is a collaborative approach working with all elements of your organisation to ensure its success.

We can provide the right tools for a smooth transition if you are looking for a standard migration, database compatibility or document management.


  • Ongoing intranet support

Codec will provide ongoing intranet support with continuous improvements and reporting.  Our aim is support your specific needs and provide flexible packages to suit your requirements.

  • SharePoint training

We can create and develop specific training programs and manuals to assist you in maintain your SharePoint site. We offer on-the-fly training and support for teams who may wish to avail of it.

  • SharePoint Consultancy

Our SharePoint consultancy team plan, design, build, deploy and maintain a system that can support your business requirements and document control. A strong intranet requires good control, clear navigation, an appealing home page with the overall ability to encourage collaboration and social networking.

At Codec the main aim will be to improve the user experience and ease of use of your intranet.

If you need more information on our SharePoint Solution; or if you would like to arrange a consultation, please feel free to email or call us on 01 603 4300.

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