Resourcing Services for Clients

Resourcing Services for Clients

At Codec, we tailor our resourcing services to our clients’ needs and business goals, from managing an entire hiring project with hundreds of recruits to filling a single position. Whether you need to fill temporary, contract or permanent positions, you’ve come to the right place.

Over the past 33 years, Codec has been trusted by some of the largest multinationals operating in Ireland today, and our team has built a solid reputation for providing high quality candidates to our customers.

Whatever your needs, we will go above and beyond to find the right resources for the right positionsHere is an overview of the services we offer:

  • We can help you create your job specifications
  • We bring extensive knowledge in creative recruitment campaigns and management
  • We proactively attract the right candidates through talent mapping of skill sets and regions
  • We keep up-to-date salary and benefits surveys and other intelligence to help you attract and retain the best candidates for both permanent and contract positions
  • We provide a comprehensive screening process to determine relevant experience and availability. Each candidate is also screened to determine technical and soft skill competencies. We can tailor your company needs to develop a comprehensive screening process.
  • We continually develop the talent pool for candidates through targeted campaigns to increase the company brand awareness across our networks
  • Urgent recruitment: we can work closely with our customers to provide you with talented candidates at short notice
  • We focus on developing relationships with IT and Finance resources in the marketplace.  The recruitment cycle is both extended and shorter term in a bid to reach out to a wider pool of candidates. The team develops a long term strategy to hire suitable resources. As some highly skilled candidates are not ready to come on-board at first contact, the relationship is kept alive through regular interactions
  • A number of sourcing methods and high activity levels are used by the team to acquire talent. Headhunting highly skilled candidates is an essential part of the team’s success. This helps find talent, and locate candidates for clients with very specific job requirements.

Ultimately, the aim is to develop a talent pool of vetted candidates that are available at short notice. And we have strong experience in working across all sectors.

Let us become your trusted partner and provide you with the most efficient talent acquisition – Contact us now.


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