Big Data

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Big data represents a sea change in the technology we draw upon for making decisions.

Organisations will integrate data from diverse sources, complementing enterprise databases with data from online activity, RFID, instrumentation, social media and other diverse sources. These sources of data are characterised by:

  • Large volume of transactions
  • High Velocity of data flow
  • Greater variety of data formats and structures

Big data encompasses the vast majority of structured and unstructured data from people’s interactions with the internet; incorporating social media and mobile apps. This high velocity data cannot be processed and analysed using traditional processes and tools, such as relational database systems. It is extremely expensive and sometimes impossible to analyse this data is in real-time. Big Data incorporates data at rest and data in motion.

An effective big-data solution must provide storage and processing capacity to collect, organise, and refine large volumes of data, even petabyte-size data sets.