Business Central Localization for Ireland

Localization for Ireland is designed to provide improved functionality for Business Central for use in Ireland

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Codec have prepared a localization application for Dynamics 365 Business Central which includes enhancements to the standard application relevant to the Irish market. Codec’s Ireland Localization app contains a set of functionalities addressing local requirements.

What is included?

Regulatory requirements

Local functionality that helps businesses fulfill their legal requirements, such as tax reporting, local GAAP, and other regulatory requirements.

National standards requirement

Local functionality that addresses local standards, such as banking and payment formats, address formats, or local interpretations of global standards.

Market requirements

Local functionality beneficial to the productivity business processes in a country and thereby adding value to business but are not required from a regulatory perspective.

Intuitive Interface

Enable users with a simple and clean user-interface so that there’s no training needed – hit the ground running!