Dynamics 365 BPF Tracker

Business process flows (BPF) guide system users through the various stages of a process toward completion, but how can an organisation report on how much time was spent on each stage? The answer is: With the Dynamics 365 BPF Tracker solution.

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Are we wasting time? Track the time spent on each business process stage, analyse the impact of it and take decisions to make processes more efficient.

Despite all the benefits and valuable features available with the native business process flows over the years, it is still not possible to report on how much time was spent individually on each stage. Dynamics 365 Codec BPF Tracker enables organisations with the history of who made a stage active and when allowing them to analyse these insights and consider implementing changes to increase productivity.

What is included?

Configurable Flows

Select which entities and business process flows should be tracked using a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Isolated Security

Solution based on specialised custom entities to enable organisations with a more scalable and isolated security model.

Native to Dynamics 365

Leverage and extend without any downfalls the out-of-the-box business process flow features in Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Monitor business process flow stages and create comprehensive analysis using the native Dynamics 365 reporting features.