Dynamics 365 Integration with Eventbrite

Eventbrite is currently the world's largest event technology platform and it’s extremely useful for companies and individuals that need to manage events. If your organisation has Dynamics 365, wouldn’t be great to integrate both systems and take the most out of them? We have the right solution for you.

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Eventbrite and D365? Now you can have all your Eventbrite data in Dynamics 365 and easily track your events attendance with a mobile application developed in PowerApps.

EventBrite is the biggest website to create and manage events, attendees and tickets. However, sometimes users need their Eventbrite data centralised in one place for enhanced reporting, or simply for better data management and quicker access to it. That is where our solution comes into play by pulling Eventbrite data into Dynamics 365 and by helping to track event attendance with our Tickets QR Code Scanner.

What is included?

Quick Configuration

Configure Eventbrite and Dynamics 365 integration by simply using a connection token. It literally only takes a few seconds!

Set Integration Frequency

Configure Eventbrite and Dynamics 365 integration to run every hour, every day or even in specific days of the week and/or month.

Save tickets in D365

Save events, tickets and corresponding QR Codes in Dynamics 365 for a better event management and enhance reporting.

Track Attendance

Check how many attendees showed up to events by scanning their QR Codes using our native mobile application.