Dynamics 365 Toast Notifier

Feeling frustrated by having to create and send multiple emails to notify Dynamics 365 users on open activities, status of business processes or as a simple reminder to check for new records? We have the right solution for you!

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Real toast notifications? Send scheduled notifications using a solution that really changes the way your organisation works.

Dynamics 365 Toast Notifier is an integrated solution that makes use of the native Windows Action Center to send configurable and automated notifications to Dynamics 365 users. This solution enables organisations with a notification system extends the out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 features, integrating and enhancing business processes, reducing email dependency and improving user-experience.

What is included?

Scheduled Notifications

Schedule notifications based on a date or based on one of the multiple triggers within Dynamics 365.

Windows Action Center

Seamless integration with the native Windows notification center ensures a standardised user-experience and no dependency on a specific web-browser.

Notification Templates

Capacity to create reusable notification templates helping to create, maintain and group the different notifications in the system.

Activity Entities

Enable notifications for any custom or native activity type entity such as Task, Email, Phone Call and Appointments.