Building a Power Platform Dream Team – what’s our secret?

Building a Power Platform Dream Team – what’s our secret?

Published by: Kasia Janus
Published date: 27th Nov 2018
Categories: CRM Microsoft

Having the fastest growing Microsoft Business Solution Practice in Ireland, it’s something that Codec is extremely proud!

Since 2010 – when it was started – it has grown from 2 people to over 100 highly-skilled consultants and developers. That increase in staff numbers was born of a growing necessity and ambition – we decided back then that we wanted to be the biggest and the best! Carrying out the growth through those years, we now have the biggest CRM practice in Ireland (and maybe even in Europe), with exciting plans to grow further. Building teams at such a rate can be challenging for company of any size, but Codec’s success has not come around by accident or luck.

Read the full article by Brian Illand – Microsoft Practice Lead UK & NI at Codec, to gain some insights on some of the principle we’ve adopted to ensure that we stay the best at what we do.


Not only team is important here… gauging customer needs is what makes our CRM team so effective

How useful you find a CRM system depends on your needs and how much you shape this system. Codec understands that, furthermore Codec has the resources and thanks to the great relationship with Microsoft, can easily bring any requirements and all the new features to the clients as soon as they came out. For example, the recent LinkedIn seamless integration with CRM, that more and more customers are looking at. A big part of our work with clients is figuring out what their needs are and how CRMs can help their objectives. And as Microsoft’s solutions evolve, Codec evolves accordingly, aiming to offer our customers always the best possible choices.

Read a short article where Larry Tobin, Codec’s Dynamics CRM Practice Director talks about how Codec became an expert in CRM solution, growing the staff members throughout the years, but most importantly the role and importance of our customers in this process.