Why I love the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Headset

Why I love the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Headset

Published by: Tom Baker
Published date: 30th Sep 2016
Categories: Plantronics

I have been engaged with a number of technology partners and vendors in my 15 year career in IT which claim to be leading edge and customer centric, some claims are real, some are a little overstated.  With Plantronics however, their claims are very well stated and very much a reality.

Plantronics have undergone some interesting transformations internally and with their customers in recent years.  Plantronics started by providing the headsets to NASA’s Apollo program in the 60’s, and their traditional customer base was with Aviation companies and the FAA. They always knew they had to provide technology which consistently worked under pressure and provide quality products which were innovative in their design and useful in practice.

Plantronics have become a household name now in call centre environments and for office and mobile workers alike.  They have a vision for innovation that is married with their ability to use R&D to provide future proof products that reflect todays changing working environment

IDC Forecasts U.S. Mobile Worker Population to Surpass 105 Million by 2020, that’s nearly 72.5% of the US workforce.   Similar predictions can be made for Europe too. This kind of statement reflects the change that is taking place in businesses that are moving from a traditional desk based office environment to have a more open planned mobile workforce.  Technology needs to match this change.

Plantronics Voyager Focus headset

Plantronics matches these new challenges by providing wireless headsets that allow users to connect to all of their devices, whether they are company owned or personal, their Laptop, PC, Mobile, Tablet et al.  No more so that with the newest entry into their product range the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC.  It looks like a fancy set of headphones, but really it’s a lot more.

For starters it has a dual mic boom with noise cancellation, which tucks away neatly at the side when not in use, and Active Noise Cancellation which cuts out a lot of background nose in a busy office on a plane, or on a train.  It links with your Laptop for Skype for Business, and your phone for calls, and it’s the most comfortable, quietest and most useful headset I have owned (I have owned a lot).

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Tom Baker | Hardware Specialist at Codec-dss