Codec Proud to Implement First EPM Cloud Deployment in Ireland

Codec Proud to Implement First EPM Cloud Deployment in Ireland

Published by: Nathan Fulham
Published date: 5th Mar 2018
Categories: EPM Oracle

University College, Dublin (UCD) is Ireland’s largest university with over 1,482 faculty and 32,000 students. With such a vast student population their administration burden is quite significant, and their request to Codec was to help facilitate a best practice financial planning process.

Budgeting had previously been spreadsheet-based, and consolidation and sharing of information was time consuming and subject to the risks inherent with spreadsheet models.

As a modern forward-thinking University, UCD sought to align their planning processes with the multitude of benefits associated with moving to the cloud. Their goals were to enable and improve the efficiency and quality of the annual budgeting process, to enhance regular forecasting and reporting, and to be able to access a flexible platform for further improvements in financial and other planning activities.

Codec’s expert team of consultants made these aspirations a reality by implementing Oracle’s Planning Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) to immediately meet UCD’s financial planning requirements, and provide a platform for future enhancement and more devolved planning. Single sign-on has also been implemented on the cloud to make access to the system as straight-forward as possible.

PBCS also allows for standardised automated structured interfaces with a variety of other systems, and integration with Excel is a particularly strong element of the solution. For example, for any actions that had traditionally required manual input, such as copy and paste and checking of rows – they can now be automated. There are also automated interfaces available to compare current plans with actuals, and both of those aforementioned features are already leading to significant time-saving.

The scope of financial reporting covered by the project implemented by Codec’s team includes:

  • Staff planning: salaries, pay scales (e.g. under Lansdowne Road Agreement), pay awards etc. The Codec team incorporated rules into PBCS for calculating all pay financials through a 5-year period.
  • Fee income and enrolment (next stage of project): Codec experts have configured the reporting processes with ratios to take average drop-off registration rates into account for more accurate financial information.

The final phase of the project will deliver an overall direct budget 5-year financial plan for the University integrating the Staff Plans. In making the jump to the cloud with PBCS the University is already experiencing the benefits of a more robust planning system with 24/7 availability. Codec is proud to have worked on this project and demonstrated our capabilities and expertise in delivering the first cloud deployment of EPM in the country.

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