Mobile security moves back from the edge

Mobile security moves back from the edge

Published by: Nathan Fulham
Published date: 7th Jun 2018
Categories: SharePoint

While security used to be done at the perimeter of the company network, the increasing adoption of cloud technology is making that approach redundant, says Brian Smyth (pictured), platform practice lead at Codec.

(Note: This news item is a summary of an article published in the Sunday Business Post on June 3, 2018)

“Back in the day, the way of keeping data safe was to erect barriers around your technology, keeping bad guys outside. Today, though, data is kept in the cloud and can literally be anywhere, so mobile security has to be more about identity management rather than perim¬eter management,” he said.
“Wherever your data goes, your security should go with it so your security is mobile.”

Smyth offers the example of a file server full of documents. The traditional method of keeping that safe is to put it behind a barrier so only people who can get through can see the files. But there are problems with this approach — not least of which is that once someone is through the perimeter, you largely lose control of what they can do with the data.

“That was okay back before cloud computing, but now people use products like Sharepoint Online, so users can access data from anywhere using mobile devices. They no longer need to be in the building anymore. So it’s become more important to be able to tell that the person accessing the data is who they say they are,” said Smyth. “That way it doesn’t matter where the data is or what device it’s being accessed from. This is the sensible approach to enterprise mobility security.”

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