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SharePoint integration with CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (on-premises) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online support integration with SharePoint allows your organisation to fully utilise the document management capabilities of SharePoint from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Documents can be stored or managed as per a record in Dynamics CRM, on a server running on SharePoint.  Because the documents are stored on a server that is running on SharePoint, non-Microsoft Dynamics CRM users can directly access the documents on the server, provided they have the appropriate privileges on the server that is running SharePoint Server to do so.

SharePoint integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to:

  • Create, upload, view, and delete documents on a server that is running SharePoint from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Use the SharePoint document management abilities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, such as checking the document in and out, viewing version history, and changing document properties.

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