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Software Development

Codec’s team of Software Development and Application Modernisation consultants provide cross-functional, full-stack capabilities and unparalleled experience in delivering high quality software. By leveraging best-in-class DevOps, lean software development, agile engineering, software design and architectural practices, we deliver software to our customers with world class agility.

Our Lean approach to Software Delivery allows us to deliver software faster for our customers and at a competitive price. This is achieved via fully automated software delivery pipelines. Finally, Codec always ensure that our customers experience leading Architectural, Infrastructure, Security, Release, QA and Development practices as part of every project.

Our software developers are experts in

Architectural Practices

Architectural Enterprise Patterns, Event Sourcing, Microservices, Serverless Architectures, Micro Frontends, Domain Driven Design (DDD), Event Storming.


Continuous Delivery, Trunk base development, Infrastructure as Code, decoupling the deployment from the release (a.k.a. feature flags/toggles), environment monitoring, production monitoring and automation of deployment automation.

Lean Methodologies and Practices

Kanban, continuous improvement cycle, waste elimination, Value Stream Mapping.

Agile Engineering Practices

Pair programming, Mob Programming, Refactoring, Continuous Integration, Emergent Design and Continuous Delivery.

Software Design Practices

Domain Driven Design, Event Storming, Clean Code, SOLID Principles, Design Patterns.

Cross-functional Delivery Teams

Designed to bring greater efficiency and value to the development lifecycle, our cross-functional teams provide the optimal way to provide on-time delivery of high-quality solutions whilst optimising delivery and removing bottlenecks.


When your software is not evolving with your business, the root causes can often be complex. Effective software delivery requires product strategy, team organisation, software process, software architecture and software practices to align. Our experts will help you to identify these causes and create a plan on how to improve.

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Lean Agile Methodologies

We can help you to improve your software delivery process by implementing Lean Agile methodologies, such as Kanban to your company. The goal is to reduce the cost of moving software from the source control to the production environment. This eliminates waste, reduces work in progress, helps you to find the optimal batch size of your deliverables, reduces cycle times and increases feedback time, allowing your company to rapidly respond to changes, improving the learning process and making your team members and customers happier.

DevOps Coaching and Transformation

Implementing DevOps can be a challenging journey. It involves breaking old habits and the status quo. You must look to your production line and question every aspect and work hard to remove the bottlenecks. Be prepared to overcome not only cultural changes but also change the way your teams learn, how they craft software and how to leverage automation to reduce the transaction costs. We can assist you to in the automation of infrastructure and ultimately described as code. We have a wide and deep understanding of cloud computing which can help you to cut down operational costs and improve automation capabilities.

Business Process Optimisation

Event Storming is an agile workshop-based session that helps you to map out business process using the ubiquitous language adhering to the Domain Driven Design (DDD) software development principle. The basic idea is to gather software developers and domain experts together and to learn from each other. We will map out events that happen inside your business process and uncover the commands that cause those events. We then identify the actors that trigger the commands and the aggregates to which those commands run against. Event Storming sessions are fun and designed to improve the learning curve over a business process/domain.

Test Driven Development

It is commonly accepted that tests which are easier and faster to run will usually lead to shorter and more valuable feedback cycles for your teams. This can also drive down the cost of testing and provide greater confidence in the deliverables. Tests are key to guarantee speed and confidence over your delivery pipeline. Nowadays, common wisdom says that ‘code is liability’. Maintaining a code base can be expensive and having a nice, well-written suite of tests is key, in order to reduce this cost. A suite of tests should also be written using the best programming and good practices and patterns.


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