Price harmonisation on Microsoft Cloud licenses: allow Codec to guide you

Richard Nolan

Microsoft have announced an increase in their Euro cloud pricing from April 1st in order to align with the US Dollar (USD). This could effectively see an increase in cloud licensing costs. Additionally, Microsoft have confirmed that they will be assessing pricing in local currencies aligned to USD twice a year. 

Check out this short, informative on-demand webinar to learn more about how these changes may impact your organisation.  Hear from our Head of Digital Licensing, Richard Nolan on what these changes mean for you and more importantly what the next step is for your organisation.

The webinar (less than 10 mins), will cover;

  • The rationale & background to the impending price increases on cloud licensing
  • The potential impact these will have on your business  
  • Cloud pricing strategies for managing the impact of the price harmonisation

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