Three big reasons why the jump to Azure is worth it

Three big reasons why the jump to Azure is worth it

For many businesses, the question of migrating from legacy to cloud services was always a question of how rather than when. In fact, at this point, migrating to cloud is expected.

In 2019, 90% of companies use or expect to use a multi-cloud environment – and while it can seem like a lot of work, there are many things to make the process smooth.

A great choice is Microsoft Azure as it’s the only hybrid cloud solution that helps you with cost-effective and flexible cloud migration paths. In short, it makes the transfer of data, apps and infrastructure easier than before.

Combine that with Codec’s Launchpad Assessment Services, designed specifically for those who want help with the process, and you have a straightforward path to modernising your environment.

If you’re still on the fence, here are three good reasons why you should take that leap.

1) The ability to modernise and innovate your services

Moving to cloud-based services like Azure isn’t just to make things more accessible; it places your business on a new foundation where innovation and expansion are easier than ever before.

The inclusion of ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ (IaaS) means that you don’t have to worry about servers or maintenance. Services like Azure take away the heavy lifting so you can focus on running your business more effectively.

The ability to increase or decrease the usage of services gives a level of flexibility that can lead to significant savings in the long run.

And, if you don’t know where to start, you can rely on Codec to help you. Its Launchpad service gives you a free assessment, migration and cost-management tools to help you migrate from legacy services.

2) Keeping your security and compliance obligations up to date

Security and compliance are areas that few businesses think of until something happens. The worst time to think about security is when you’ve been hit by an attack and the same can be said with compliance.

Through Azure, Microsoft has an Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) service, which helps you to stay secure and productive on your favourite apps, services, and devices.

The ability to control your identity and access in the cloud via single sign-on access across the board and intelligent methods to safeguard corporate data will boost your security credentials.

On the compliance side of things, the fact that Azure has more certifications than any other provider is a major benefit as nobody wants to be on the wrong side of the law.

3) Do more in a cost-effective manner

Let’s face it, every business has its eye on the bottom line and knowing you’re getting value for money is always an issue.

For older businesses, investing in infrastructure like servers and their up-keep is a major cost. It can lead to a feeling of sunk cost – ‘well we’ve invested this much already; it’d be a waste to change it’ – but it’s important not to be blinded by this as the long-term savings outweigh it.

The flexibility of Azure’s pay-as-you-go pricing model and the fact that it’s five-times cheaper than its biggest rival AWS means it’s a great way to set up a SQL Database, SQL Managed Instance, or SQL server.

Better yet, you can compare your cost savings to on-premise solutions to ensure you never pay more than what you need.

Codec can help you take the first step with moving to Azure. 

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