Azure Cloud Kit

Codec’s Cloud Kit eliminates any concerns you may have when setting up your Microsoft Azure Environment. With automatic tooling, it effortlessly creates a secure, compliant, and controlled environment, 80% faster than a manual build. Cloud Kit’s worry-free cloud migration gives your business peace while accelerating your time to value.

Addressing slow, expensive & risky cloud migration

To realise the opportunity and value of using cloud services, organisations must invest resources in building a solid foundation for this innovation. Our proprietary Azure Cloud Kit addresses these limitations through automated tooling, built-in cost controls, and security best practices. Eliminate manual processes, unforced human errors, security gaps and poor cost governance. Cloud Kit is a culmination of Codec’s experience in achieving successful cloud migration. 

Codecs Azure Cloud Kit - Cloud Migration

Fast, efficient and secure
cloud migration through automation

After 15 years of deploying Azure for our customers, we’ve developed a series of automated toolsets to handle your cloud migration. Codec’s Cloud Kit provides you with the assurance that your Azure environment is tailored to your organisation's needs, while also enhancing the speed at which you can achieve value from it.

Codec’s Cloud Kit lets your organisation create, manage, and deploy appropriate resources to pre-configured Landing Zones for your environment.

Azure Landing Zones provide a structured approach to organising resources, security and networking in the cloud. With predefined architectural patterns and best practices, you can seamlessly deploy, manage and scale applications with ease—and maintain control over your costs.

Automated deployment

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Follow Microsoft Best Practices (Cloud Adoption Framework) to deploy new Azure environments that meet compliance standards as soon as they go live.

Our Cloud Kit consultants support your business with a streamlined setup process, comprehensive regulatory coverage, and flexible controls that make it easy to meet and enforce complex business requirements. 

Adherence to best practices

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Maximise your return from your Azure spend. Codec’s Cloud Kit helps to ensure your organisation is not spending more than is necessary to meet your business needs.

Automated Azure naming and tagging makes it easy to categorise and organise resources. Through regular reporting, your organisation can monitor cloud services spend to identify excess expenses and identify the services driving those costs. Accurate naming conventions help you quickly control costs to optimise your spending in the cloud.

Automated cost control

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Maintain updated, on-demand reports to all services operating within your Azure environment.

Azure naming and tagging enables automated documentation that can be used to quickly perform audits across a wide range of perspectives, including IT services, operations, and financial regulators. Cloud Kit improves your ability to turn cloud services on and off while better understanding how your Azure environment is supporting your business.

Azure naming

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"Conventional approaches to cloud migration are rife with uncertainty and risk; costs are variable, delivery is inconsistent. We offer businesses a solution to all of these problems through automated tooling, best practices security, and assured delivery at scale." 

Stephen Black

Head of Azure Business, Codec

Stephen Black, Head of Azure Business, Codec

Delivering impact with Cloud Kit


faster set-up speed


secure & compliant cloud environment

Codec’s Azure Cloud Kit increases the value of any cloud infrastructure project by eliminating unnecessary costs, risks and business disruptions often inherent in the cloud migration process. From migration efficiencies to an improved customer experience, Cloud Kit delivers business impact long after your migration is complete.

  • Increasing cost control through visibility
  • Microsoft best practices guaranteed
  • Consistency through automation
  • Improve time to value with 80% faster set-up speed
  • Compliance and change documentation


Let's talk about our Azure Cloud Kit  

Download our Cloud Kit brochure

Learn more about the benefits of using Codec’s Azure Cloud Kit to improve controls, security and compliance for your cloud infrastructure. Our Cloud Kit brochure offers a deep-dive into the full capabilities and advantages of this innovative cloud migration solution.

Achieve 80% faster set-up, with improved quality assurance

Azure Practice Lead, Codec

"Cloud migration strategies have historically been forced to choose between scaling fast and scaling carefully. With Azure Cloud Kit, we’ve proved to our clients that the question of speed versus quality is no longer an either/or decision. The automation tools we use to accelerate delivery across the migration process also improve accuracy and consistency in the final product."

Brian Smyth

Azure Practice Lead, Codec