D365 for grant management

Reduce grant administration workloads while streamlining the entire grant management lifecycle through intelligent automation and flexible workflows.

Streamlining grant management processes

Effective grant management depends on consistent workflows, timely application processing, and clear communication with applicants and other stakeholders. But the manual labour involved in processing, documenting and approving these grants is rife with inefficiency—which is why we developed D365 for Grant Management.


Integrated grant management and CRM capabilities

The full grant management lifecycle places an enormous administrative burden on the organisation and professionals tasked with grant processing. Automation and other capabilities needed to transform and accelerate grant management have existed for years, but they’ve never been built into a single, specialised solution—until now.

Configure D365 for Grant Management to serve your specific grant processing needs. Through intelligent automation and business rules capabilities, our solution offers flexible customisation to support unique grant rules and requirements, as well as on-the-fly changes to grant management.

Configurable business processes

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Quickly create professional websites and browser-based interfaces with Power Apps portals. These streamlined websites and web pages can help grant managers set up new portals for submitting grants, check the status of applications, file claims or perform other customer service tasks.

Integration with Power Apps portals

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Build grant application forms based on specific documentation requirements, eligibility questions, and other key information used to evaluate and process grant applications. No matter how many types of grant programs you serve, D365 for Grant Management makes it easy to publish custom application forms to the web.

Application builder

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Grant contracts are essential to ensuring that funds distributed after grant approvals are managed and used according to the terms and expectations of the grant. Configurable business rules make it easy to activate contract monitoring and automate oversight of follow-through on approved grant projects.

Contract monitoring

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“Slow, inefficient grant management processes are overdue for innovation and change. Dynamics 365 for Grant Management takes intelligent automation, business rules and other powerful technologies and integrates them into a solution specifically aimed at supporting the full needs of a grant organisation.”

Brian Illand

Product Manager (Grant Management), Codec


Delivering impact with
grant management


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Grant Management alleviates administrative burdens that often stand in the way of other value-added change. Grant managers are able to invest greater resources into application review, grant program development and other initiatives, and delivers the following benefits:

  • Accelerated grant processing
  • Process efficiency
  • Reduced manual labour
  • Improved contract oversight
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Transforming grant management & consolidating data with VSS

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"The practical CRM functionality provided by Dynamics 365 allows employees to be more productive and knowledgeable. The integration with existing infrastructure, like our accounting software, has helped streamline the way we conduct business and interact with clients and team members."

David Hall

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Victims and Survivors Service

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