7 ways you can improve your productivity with the new HP Elite x3

7 ways you can improve your productivity with the new HP Elite x3

Published by: Kasia Janus
Published date: 19th Oct 2016

In recent years we have observed an incredible change in how people use technology in their everyday life. From our smartphones or wearable technology we can pay bills, collect payments, book taxis or plane tickets in seconds. We have welcomed these innovations and would like to transfer them to our career lives more than ever. Well now you can with the latest HP innovation – the Elite x3 – the one device that’s every device.  Combining PC power, productivity, tablet portability and smartphone connectivity, the x3 is a sleek and secure device that can dock with your screen and keyboard when needed.

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Nowadays everybody values the flexibility of working at any time, from anywhere and on any device and for many employees the definition of the workplace has changed. With a growing number of the Millennials in the workforce and their expectations, companies are investing in mobile technology to attract and retain top talent, before the competition does, and also to improve their employee productivity.

HP designed the Elite x3 to help organizations equip this mobile workforce with a mobile device that’s as powerful as their PC, and provides a consistent and familiar experience, regardless of where and how they work. Thanks to new features of next generation technology, the x3 is a solution that gives employees seamless productivity and empowers them with greater flexibility and mobility in the modern digital workplace.

Productivity is critical to succeed at work, so be able to perform as efficiently and effectively – find out 7 ways to acheive these goals with the new Elite x3.

Find out the 7 ways you can improve your productivity with Elite x3

1. Work virtually interrupted

HP Elite x3 docked

One device that does it all. Forget the switching between multiple devices to complete your tasks which can result in lost productivity when the device boots up and it authenticates repeatedly, or you can’t access the files you were working on previously. With Elite x3 you can enjoy seamless productivity. The x3 when docked, uses Microsoft Continuum to enable users to start a task on the go and finish it at your desk without saving, syncing or restarting and work with a larger display, keyboard and mouse, so you can have a continuous computing experience wherever you are, with files and apps staying in the same state on your phone, laptop, and desktop. No more hassle of switching devices. Enjoy the productivity of a desktop and the convenience of a laptop with premium smartphone features.

Your very own personal assistant – Cortana is there to make your life easier. Available now on Windows 10 and ready to work whenever you are. She works in-sync with all of your devices, so for example if you create a reminder using Cortana on your PC or tablet, she’ll alert you to it on your phone.

2. Have always access to all business apps

Remember that frustration of finding out that some Windows apps features are disabled in the mobile versions, or in some cases your critical business apps are not available for use from a mobile device at all? The Elite x3 when docked with HP Workspace removes this barrier. You can virtualize business critical Windows 32 or 64-bit desktop applications you rely on to get the job done with practically no setup or training required. Work with the apps you love and rely on.

3. Have access to files on the go

File access is a problematic matter for all mobile employees. With Elite x3 you will have the confidence and flexibility of accessing data stored locally or in the company’s preferred cloud storage solution. Thanks to Windows 10 security, the same level of high security is applied to a smartphone as it would to a PC or laptop.

4. Benefit from the unique design

Designed and created for business users, the Elite X3 is powered by a 2.15GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, the latest and greatest processing package. Enjoy long battery life to keep you working longer and be able to charge your superphone much easier and faster with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology. Thanks to this powerful hardware, the Elite X3 fully supports Continuum. Become more reliable and get more done anywhere, anytime.

The Elite x3 features 64GB of internal storage, and provides massive amounts of storage expansion options with a MicroSD card slot that can support cards up to 2TB. That slot can be used as a second nano SIM card slot for the option of a roaming SIM when travelling or for a personal usage and in this case the Elite x3 will separate your data usage, contacts and messages between work and personal life.

5. Enjoy high levels of security

The Elite x3 helps secure your data and apply corporate security policies thanks to integrated hardware and software encryption. The phone also comes with Bitlocker 128-bit encryption, VPN-SSL and Intune MDM and Reset protection. Windows Hello has dual biometric authentication: iris scanner – that scans your retinas and fingerprint reader. Unlock your superphone more quickly and in a multitude of ways. Iris scanner is a perfect feature to use in colder areas for people who would rather not have to take their gloves off to get access to their phone. If you don’t believe in biometric login, you can use a passcode, that’s fine too.

6. Maximize your collaboration

HP Elite x3 mobile

Collaboration is a key focus for the Elite x3. Premium audio designed in conjunction with audio specialist Bang & Olufsen, a Cat 6 LTE-Advanced modem, 2×2 AC Wi-Fi and useful features such as stereo speakers, active noise cancellation and an 8MP front-facing camera with superior low-light performance enable clearer Skype calls. Be always connected, thanks to the integrated 4G LTE11.

7. Easy technology adoption

Take an advantage of your familiarity with Microsoft Windows and Office and find the Elite x3 easier to use immediately. No hassle on learning how the new device works allows you to be productive straight away.

HP Elite x3 workplace

HP truly embraces the idea of the mobility experience to help people be more productive. Be able to enjoy unique computing experience and work with your own terms.

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