Oracle EPM Strategic Modelling free for 12 months to existing EPM Cloud users

Blog post written by Brian Somers, Technology Advocate for EPM and BI with Codec.  As we start to re-emerge into this post Covid-19 world, I think you would agree that nothing is certain anymore. The best we can do is to have a number of scenarios at our disposal in order to try to understand […]

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Oracle EPM – Enterprise or Standard? The guide to why you should always go for Enterprise

Late last year Oracle launched their new Enterprise and Standard offerings for EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) in the Cloud. These changes have caused some confusion to existing and new users as Oracle has changed their offering model. This blog will explain what was there before and what is available now and the rationale for why you should always go for EPM Cloud Enterprise Edition.

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Oracle Budgeting and Planning Cloud Workshop

Codec hosted our first joint Oracle Cloud budgeting and planning workshop out in Oracle EMEA HQ in Eastpoint Business Park and it was a great success.

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Best of 2017 – Codec’s most popular content

Below you'll find a selection of some of our most popular blog content from 2017. From Oracle’s VP for Analytics, John Hagerty, talking about how the increasing role analytics plays as we enter into the age of big data, to getting your organisation ready for the...

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