ERP On The Up

As technology continues to play an integral part in our lives, we tend to take it for granted. Both in our personal and professional lives it is easy to become complacent and forget how much it is doing for us.  The same philosophy applies to enterprise resource planning (ERP) which is often a forgotten core component in many businesses. Although the term appears outdated it doesn’t mean that the concept is past its time. Our Commercial Director John Roddy spoke to Business Post about how enterprise resource planning systems are still just as relevant and imperative for organisations today.

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What you need to know about hyper-convergence

If you’ve been hearing the term hyper-convergence tossed around a lot lately and you’re wondering. What exactly it is. What all the fuss is about … you’re not alone! A relatively new set of technologies named Hyper-Convergence, hasn’t yet gained the market awareness...

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Top Challenges for IT Purchasing Managers

The responsibilities and job description of an IT purchasing manager is often misunderstood, to say the least. Most people, even in the corporate circle, believe that IT purchasing managers are responsible for performing activities and processes that...

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