Dynamics NAV 2017: it’s all about the enhanced user experience!

Dynamics NAV 2017: it’s all about the enhanced user experience!

Published by: Gemma Mooney
Published date: 9th Feb 2017

To supplement our first post about Dynamics NAV 2017 new functionalities, Dynamics NAV expert Gemma Mooney gets more hands-on and goes through some of the most useful inventory, accounting and sales and purchasing enhancements brought in the latest release.

NAV 2017 Inventory Enhancements

Item Attributes

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 now allows users to define their own attribute(s) per item. For example, this Amsterdam Lamp has 4 attributes: colour, depth, height and material description.

NAV 2017 new functionalities_Item AttributesUsers can use the smart ‘Filter by Attributes’ function to quickly get a short list of the desired items.  Below, a filter is set to show items with the colour ‘red’ and the material description ‘steel’. This comes in handy when adding a line to a sales order or a purchase order.

The list displays two red chairs made of steel.  If there is a shortage of one item, this list can be used to help the user suggest alternative stock items thus allowing a sale or purchase to continue.

NAV 2017 New Functionalities_Filter by attributeItem Categories

These are user-defined and are helpful when reporting on inventory.  Users can group their stock into categories that reflect the different types of stock they hold.

NAV 2017 New Functionalities_Item Categories

For example, a furniture company can easily run an Inventory List for all items categorised as ‘Occasional’.

NAV 2017 New Functionalities_Item Category Code

NAV 2017 Sales and Purchasing Enhancements

Cancel Corrective Credit Memos

You’re having one of those days.  You posted a corrective credit memo for the wrong invoice.  Now, you can cancel that credit memo within the document.  It will unapply the original invoice, create a new invoice and apply the new invoice to the cancelled credit memo leaving the original invoice outstanding again.  This is available in sales and purchase credit memos.

NAV 2017 New Functionalities_Cancel Credit Memos

NAV 2017 Accounting Enhancements

Account Category

Account categories and sub-categories have been added to make it easy to group general ledger accounts to fit financial reporting needs. Each G/L account can be categorised into one of the default asset/liability/expense/cost of goods sold/income/equity categories.

And each category can be further split into user-defined sub-categories. Clicking on the sub-category will drill into a list showing a summary of each sub-category within the selected category.  A fact box lists all the G/L Account codes that make up the selected sub-category.

The G/L Account Sub-category comes into its own in the Chart of Accounts where filters can be set on the sub-category, thereby making reporting a simple task.

Smart Notifications

This is a handy feature that warns, notifies and guides the user in certain circumstances.  It is moving away from the pop-up message box that needs the user to interact with them before they can continue with a given task.  Smart notifications do not need interaction but contain a link to explain why the message is appearing.

If a user enters a sales order for an item that is not in stock, the smart notification will display the shortage. Clicking on the Details link will take the user to the inventory breakdown and they will be able to create a purchase invoice from within the Details window. Alternatively, the user can jump into the Item card if needed. This saves the user a lot of time going in and out of different windows.  Each smart notification can be switched on or off.

NAV 2017 New Functionalities_Smart Notofications

Fixed Assets

Setting up a fixed asset has been made easier. There is a new wizard that walks the user through creating a purchase invoice from within the fixed asset card.  The wizard is accessed through a smart notification that appears when you create the fixed asset.

Further Functionality Improvements

Many core areas of Dynamics NAV have been improved.

Screens have been made more user-friendly by hiding the less frequently used boxes which can still be seen by clicking ‘Show more fields’.

‘Incoming Documents’ has a new filter that lets the user see the non-processed invoices only.  It will also learn from the user correcting document errors and will correct the same error automatically when it occurs next.

‘Payment Reconciliation Journal’ has been updated to allow the user to reconcile the payment within the payment reconciliation journal. A new button lets the user see non-applied entries only, so there is no need to scroll through all those reconciled transactions.

‘Jobs’ has a new ‘Project Manager Role Centre’. Users now can add a project manager to a job card.  The Role Centre will display only the jobs the Project Manager has been linked to in the Jobs card.


Further improvements have been made to the integration of Dynamics NAV with CRM, Office 365 and Power BI – on this topic, if you’d like to learn more about Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics NAV content pack, watch our latest NAV 2017 webinar here. You will learn how to deliver meaningful insight across your organisation with the powerful BI capabilities available.

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If you’d like to learn more about the new features and functionality and the best way for you to upgrade to NAV 2017, contact us now. Our Dynamics NAV experts are here to help.