Meet The Dynamics 365 Heroes

Meet The Dynamics 365 Heroes

Published by: Blandine Faure
Published date: 26th Jun 2017

Digital transformation continues to be at the forefront of many organisations’ priorities. And the pace is staggering. For IT teams across the world, the pressure is on to getting things done, better, faster and cheaper. So please welcome The Dynamics 365 Heroes and their technical blog – a treasure chest of technical knowledge and business wisdom…

The consultant developers, solutions architects and functional business analysts at Codec has gathered over the years an incredible wealth of experience and know-how. As such, our heroes – the Dynamics 365 heroes – are the holders of great Dynamics 365 powers, and feel they have the great responsibility to share their knowledge… will be the go-to resource for all technical teams across Ireland and the UK, for anything Dynamics 365, CRM, ERP Power BI… from high-level how-to tips to useful tools and features or products, based on the latest version of Dynamics 365.

In, you will find methods, tips and ideas with forward-looking perspectives and behind-the-scenes looks at how Dynamics 365 can truly transform your business, teams or operations.

“Technical blogging is one of the best things we can do not only for ourselves, but also as members of the wider community of developers. And I believe this kind of  contribution is badly needed in this community”, explains Shane Lilly, CRM Practice Lead at Codec, in the first post.


Five Dynamics 365 Heroes

The CRM team came up with the idea that articles should be posted via superhero avatars as authors. Their mission: to protect businesses and organisations’s innocence from the forces of evil solution implementations. And to do it in style. Meet our Heroic Five:

Dimitri “Reverso Engineero” Chevkov – Technical Hero                              Howard “Maximiser” Harper – Functional Hero                   Prof. Augustus Octavius – Integration Hero

      Dimitri “Reverso Engineero” Chevkov         Howard “Maximiser” Harper                     Prof. Augustus Octavius

  Wendy Walter Watson – Portal Hero                            Madelyne “The Alchemist” Waters – Marketing Hero

                                                 Wendy Walter Watson                   Madelyne “The Alchemist” Waters


The world needs heroes, and they’re the best there is at what they do! So come and visit, and get updates delivered to your Inbox. Our Heroes want to empower users to get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics 365.