Reasons to Love the HP Elite X2 1012

Reasons to Love the HP Elite X2 1012

Published by: Conor Dargle
Published date: 15th Aug 2017
Categories: HP IT Hardware

With so many hybrid devices coming in from all manufacturers, this year will be known as the “Year of the Hybrid”. The obvious and well known Microsoft Surface Pro 4 took the market by storm late last year, revolutionising the idea of what these Hybrids can do.

Not to be outdone, HP have released their beautiful HP Elite X2 1012.

Upgrading last year’s Elite X2 1011, keeping its strengths and destroying its shortcomings. Cutting the HP Elite X2 1011’s weight and throwing in a much stronger, faster processor, HP have really shown that they are the next big thing in the hybrid market!

The Elite X2 1012 is has this sleek, aluminium chassis that is strong enough to withstand most minor drops, bumps and scrapes. Unlike the more common plastic machines that bend and flex depending on how hard you grip them, the Elite x2 1012 won’t budge. Not even a millimetre. It feels like a premium piece of machinery, one you won’t hesitate to bring out into the field or onto a production floor.

Despite its sturdiness, the 1012 measures only 11.2 x 8.4 x 0.5 inches when attached to its accompanying travel keyboard. This is a mere 0.04 inches thicker than the Surface Pro 4 when attached to its portable keyboard, and 0.11 inches thicker than the iPad Pro when attached to its Smart Connector. In fact, the Elite x2 1012 is actually 0.4 inches thinner than the Surface Book.

 HP Elite X2 1012 Security

You can sleep easy knowing that the HP Elite X2 1012 is a fortress of security in itself. Fear not about hacking or the sorts, HP has rightly covered all areas of this. With Streamline client deployment and maintenance with remote BIOS configuring and recovery using HP BIOSphere and HP Sure Start Technology along with a long list of this that will keep all your most vital information safe.

Let’s talk about the weight of this machine now, not usually something most people would take as a compliment, but this is different. It’s a computer.
With all of their keyboards attached, the competition all vary within a couple of grams of each other.

  • Surface Pro 4 weighs in at 1.07kg.
  • The Surface Book weighs in at 1.5kg.
  • The iPad Pro weighs in at 0.9kg.

You may be asking yourself,

“How can this stronger, faster machine compete with this weight class?”
Well the answer is simple, the HP Elite X2 1012, weighs in at, 1.2kg.

Right in the middle of its competition and only 0.2kg heavier than the current champion, the Surface Pro 4.

That’s not all though, without its luxurious travel keyboard, in tablet mode, the X2 1012 weighs in at 0.8kg! Lighter than all its competition and still packing all of its outstanding features!

HP Elite X2 1012 Performance “We designed the HP Elite x2 to be thin, light and powerful in a way that captures the simplicity and elegance users will love while also delivering the durability, serviceability, security and manageability IT departments need to enable true mobile productivity,”

— Michael Park, vice president and general manager, Mobility, Personal Systems, HP Inc.

What separates the Elite x2 1012 from the competition is its magnificent stainless steel kickstand, which is the toughest I’ve ever encountered. The mechanism, which is attached to the travel keyboard, can flex backward and forward to give you access to the device in notebook, display and draw mode. Unlike the Surface detachable keyboard, which is really only ideal in notebook mode, the Elite’s kickstand gives you optimal usage regardless of the angle to which you set it.

The keyboard itself is out-of-this-world. It features chiclet-style keys with a textured face that is an almost fun to type on (Hence why this review is becoming lengthy). The keys provide the perfect amount of give when pressed.

HP Elite X2 1012 Design

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What are industry experts saying about the HP Elite X2 1012?

Andrew Cunningham of Ars Technica
“It’s a version of the Surface’s design that makes concessions to businesses that like to repair and upgrade systems on-site – you can actually remove the screws hiding underneath its kickstand and pull the screen off with a suction cup, exposing the battery, SSD, motherboard, and the Wi-Fi and cellular cards for easy repair and replacement (as best as we can tell, the RAM is still soldered to the motherboard),” Nov-15

Jonathan Bray of Alphr:
“It’s absolutely brilliant. The key action is crisp, the keys are well spaced and backlit, and – most importantly – it doesn’t feel like you’re typing on a shoebox when the keyboard is tilted up at an angle. This is a keyboard you’ll be able to comfortably tap away at all day; it’s a remarkable achievement by HP’s engineers,” Nov-15

Charles McLellan of ZDNet:
“The kickstand, like that of the Surface Pro 3 and 4, is infinitely adjustable from almost upright to almost flat on the desk (150 degrees) and is made from extra-durable ‘aircraft-grade’ T7000 aluminium. The hydraulic hinge is rated for over 10,000 open/close cycles (6 times a day, 7 days a week for 5 years), and is designed so that, if put under unreasonable pressure, only the replaceable kickstand will break, rather than the hinge itself,” Nov-15

Fall in Love with the HP Elite X2 in 60 sec’s – checkout the video below

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