Top Challenges for IT Purchasing Managers

Top Challenges for IT Purchasing Managers

Published by: Sinead Woods
Published date: 27th Aug 2015

The responsibilities and job description of an IT purchasing manager is often misunderstood, to say the least. Most people, even in the corporate circle, believe that IT purchasing managers are responsible for performing activities and processes that involve purchasing IT products and systems. In truth, that is the job of the IT procurement department or system, while the IT purchasing manager is responsible for.

  • Determining the products and systems needed to streamline operational efficiency
  • Maintaining relationship with suppliers, especially for custom products and system
  • Ensuring that the products and systems are up and running and upgraded as the need arises
  • Assessing the integration and value driven from purchased IT products and systems to further improve business processes.

As you can see, the job of an IT purchasing manager is much more than regular supplier chain management. As more organizations more towards data driven culture, the responsibilities and nature of the job have also evolved for an IT purchasing manager, which brings more challenges as a result. Here are the top three challenges IT purchasing managers face today!

Purchasing Value Driven Products & Systems

One of the biggest challenges IT purchasing managers face today is finding IT products, solutions, and systems that can actually ‘drive value’ in the business. Given how technology evolves at a rapid pace, more often than not, a business would want to have the latest solutions or systems to promote efficiency and productivity. However, this may backfire if the systems are not integrated comprehensively with your workflow.

As a result, where you thought the systems would drive value, they are actually promoting data loss and compromising the security framework. This is where an IT purchasing manager has to assess the best IT products and solutions that can actually improve the workflow.

Balance between Technology and People

This is one of the most difficult aspects of being an IT purchasing manager, as purchasing a product or system may make employee(s) in the IT or other departments of the firm, redundant. The last thing an IT purchasing manager wants, is to be accountable for the loss of employment where his/her job is to make sure that the organization is able to leverage on IT where needed.

Maintaining the balance between the workforce and the technology deployed, is essential in any organization. While not being a direct responsibility for some IT purchasing managers, they should always consider the implications of technology deployment on the workforce.

Achieving Sustainability

According to a report published in 2012, only 81% of procurement officials plan to ask local IT hardware vendors regarding sustainability. Procurement definitely plays a key role in ensuring operational, ethical, and social sustainability in any organization. As an IT purchasing manager though, achieving sustainability with products, systems, and workforce is easier said than done.

Sustainability is only possible once all the employees in an organization are aligned with the operational and corporate goals. As such, the implementation, integration, and deployment of IT products and systems should be considered for the long term. However, in all that, don’t forget that the major barrier towards sustainability, especially in IT, is security. Hence, IT purchasing managers should also focus on how to protect the deployed systems, data, and workflow, which is the biggest challenge of them all.

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