Webinar Re-Cap: 5 Critical Considerations in Migrating your Data to the Cloud

Webinar Re-Cap: 5 Critical Considerations in Migrating your Data to the Cloud

Published by: Tomasz Wierzbowski
Published date: 16th Oct 2019

Codec were delighted to host a dedicated webinar on the ‘Top 5 Critical Considerations in Migrating your Data to the Cloud’ alongside SentryOne on Wednesday, 17th of July. The webinar which was kicked off by James Duffy from Codec was then hosted by Kevin Kline, SentryOne Principle Program Manager and Microsoft MVP. 

Without proper planning, cloud migrations can bring an element of risk because potential data security breaches, problems with data validation before and after transition, and delays in re-architecting the data for cloud deployments.

This webinar gave attendees the opportunity to understand the benefits of deploying their databases to the cloud whilst providing insight and strategies for managing potential disruptions in data delivery in the process.

Kevin is a founder and former president of PASS and the author of popular IT books like SQL. Kevin is a renowned database expert, software industry veteran, Microsoft MVP, google author, and long-time blogger at sqlblog.com and at kevinekline.com. This webinar dived deep into the most critical considerations for moving your data and databases into the cloud, whether you use Microsoft Azure, Amazon, or another cloud provider.

During this 90-minute webinar, these 5 main considerations were explored in detail:

The importance of cleansing your data before a major migration

Kevin spoke about the charge by resource consumption, data which may be considered junk, Migration preparation and code review for best practices.

Fully documenting your data sources and metadata.

Under this heading Kevin gave details about where your data comes from, where it goes to, and its full lineage.

Choosing from many different tools and techniques to move data.

At this point in the webinar, Kevin spoke about deciding what downtime you can sustain, if any. If no downtime could be sustained, Kevin spoke about running systems in parallel. The tools and techniques to move data were also explored during this time in the webinar.

How to test data for fidelity.

During this point in the webinar Kevin spoke about data fidelity and how to ensure data fidelity through testing.

How to maintain parallel systems during transitional phases.

For the last section, Kevin spoke about maintaining parallel systems during transitions on the ETL & app side, before finishing off on some points on last steps before full transitions.

Kevin also shared demo’s and overviews of native features within the SQL server that enables you to move data, as well as showing powerful tools from the SentryOne product set that can make data migrations painless.

If you couldn’t tune into this webinar but are interested in learning more, why not click the link below and watch our webinar recording?

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