Oracle Hyperion Planning

Hyperion Planning: Outsmart Your Competition

Published by: Blandine Faure
Published date: 25th May 2014
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Always plan ahead – It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.

Oracle Hyperion Planning software is a centralised, web-based financial planning, budgeting and forecasting solution that drives collaborative, integrated, event-based planning processes throughout the enterprise for a wide range of financial and operational needs. Hyperion Planning allows companies to track and monitor business plans and forecasts, translating strategic objectives into operational goals and targets.

Under current economic conditions, firms need to streamline top-level plans with bottom-up budgets, and provide collaborative tools to gather and manage forecasts. This is cruial in order to improve forecasting capabilities, enable increased control over expenses, and in so doing gaining a competitive advantage.

How Hyperion Planning can provide a Competitive Advantage:

  • Alignment of the organisation:  by utilising Oracle Hyperion Essbase as its central data store, Hyperion planning combines financial & operational planning in one system, where information is available instantly and in real-time supporting both bottom-up and top-down planning processes.
  • Multi-dimensional / multi user planning: Robust data integration with ERP, CRM and data warehousing systems enabling bi-directional information exchange; improving decision making and allows for change.
  • Flexible workflow and plan management capabilities: using thin client technology (allowing ‘anytime, anywhere’ planning) and flexible data entry, users can analyse their plans in a safe and secure environment with frequent real-time updates using any standard web browser.
  • Comprehensive Microsoft Office integration: Hyperion Planning has an add-in with Microsoft Office (Smartview) which allows users to forecast or budget in Microsoft Excel, and create highly customised reports in Microsoft PowerPoint or Word; where data is automatically refreshed in real time.
  • Full set of administrative tools for application management: allows users to track and communicate the progress of each planning unit and budget; create, analyse or validate plans; and change plans in real-time, all from a central data platform.
  • Enterprise Security Interoperability: Oracle Hyperion Planning interoperates with existing security mechanisms such as NTLM, MSAD and LDAP ensuring maintenance and security consistency.
  • Oracle Exalytics in-memory machine:  turns planning into a competitive advantage. The combination of Hyperion Planning and Oracle Exalytics provides a highly scalable engineered systems platform which provides advanced visualisation capabilities for rapid data discovery, analysis and planning. Each of the planning modules targets a specific set of requirements, and they work together to enable the alignment of strategic, financial and operational planning and forecasting, thus providing more granular planning and forecasting; allowing for insight and change management.

These tools from the Hyperion suite creates competitive advantage for all departments throughout the organisation, aiding the integration of financial and operational planning, while improving flexibility, control and speed of activities.
Benefits of Hyperion Planning:

  • Aligned goals: Financial and operational planning and forecasting activities are tightly aligned, thus, overall organisational insight, structure and goals.
  • Rapid response to change: Hyperion Planning reduces cycle times and provides real time performance analysis; which in turn provides information for change management where actionable activities can be implemented quicker.
  • Business Intelligence: all planning data across the enterprise is available in a single, easy-to-navigate application providing insight for better decision making
  • Integrated enterprise planning: Hyperion Planning allows full input and participation from every person in organisation; thus, everyone at every level and across every department is working together to achieve a common set of clearly understood goals.
  • Overall Hyperion Planning improves vision and leadership through improved data access, improved decisions, aligned goals, thus maximising value and gaining competitive advantage

Enterprise systems, can lead to high performance in terms of differentiated customer response, new market discovery and development, and even the rapid re-alignment of fundamental business processes.

Competing in today’s global economy requires an enterprise-wide approach to planning and budgeting, and the ability to respond quickly to changes in the environment through frequent re-forecasting of results.  Therefore, a world-class planning solution represents a key component of any organisation by bringing discipline to strategic financial modelling, facilitating enterprise-wide operational planning and forecasting, and linking strategies with operations.

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