Cloud Winning Over the Sceptics

Cloud Winning Over the Sceptics

Published by: Nathan Fulham
Published date: 6th Mar 2018

(Note: This news item is a summary of an article published in the Sunday Business post on March 4, 2018)

As the digital transformation era take mores hold on the Irish marketplace it’s becoming increasingly common for new companies to adopt ‘cloud-first’ policies when it comes to provisioning IT resources. Where once only large enterprise-class companies had the budgets and use cases to justify moving their information into data centres, today it’s possible to run nearly all aspects of IT in the cloud. And that means that smaller companies are storing their data in them.

“Even start-ups are using data centres and we increasingly see companies that don’t have any on-premises equipment at all, other than the laptops or PCs they use in an office. All their information and utilities are in data centres in the cloud,” said Stephen Black (pictured), Group Operations Manager for Codec.

“Historically the cloud wasn’t trusted, but that’s changing. Up until recently, it was just the test and development stuff that was accessed in the cloud but now even large enterprises are putting mission-critical production workloads into the cloud because from a speed, compliance and ease point of view it’s much better to put it into a private cloud than to have your own data centre on premises or to work with a traditional co-location operator.”

According to Black, two significant cultural shifts have happened that have had an influence on the way data centres are used in Ireland. The first is that as a technology, cloud has won over most of its sceptics. People who thought it was unreliable, too open to security lapses and just too new to be trusted have mostly changed their minds.

Simultaneously the burden on many companies to secure their data and meet regulations around it has gotten harder to shoulder.

“There is a huge amount of cybercrime around and many organisations have realised that it’s actually more secure to store your data in a dedicated data centre and let someone else worry about keeping it secure than it is to do it yourself. This is particularly true for small organisations that just don’t want to put their precious resources into operating an IT function when they can just pay someone else to do it for them.”

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