EpicCare partner with Codec in moving to Microsoft Azure Cloud

EpicCare partner with Codec in moving to Microsoft Azure Cloud

Published by: Nathan Fulham
Published date: 9th Oct 2017

Codec worked with EpicCare to replace their traditional hosting infrastructure with a new cloud-based solution that integrated with their existing IT environment. Adding cloud scale and delivering enhanced levels of security and reliability, the new hosted hardware platform & Managed Service solution transitioned EpicCare to a newly designed Azure cloud environment that will transform their digital capabilities.

EpicCare selected Codec to deliver this project based on their experience working with complex and larger-scale solutions in addition to their expert team of consultants with skill-sets encompassing everything from an extensive open source knowledge base, to a core understanding of Microsoft applications, to advanced business analysis. Furthermore the team was based locally and worked closely with on-site staff to both understand and meet their specific requirements.

Codec’s team of experts were tasked with investigating and designing all aspects of security, performance and accessibility, and the solution is now based locally in Dublin with a live failover site in Amsterdam. The flexibility of the Azure cloud environment provided EpicCare with a massive network of secure private connections, a hybrid database, storage solutions, data residency and encryption features thereby ensuring integration with current systems was not an issue.

The results of the project introduced new efficiencies into EpicCare’s workflows including a separate UAT environment where application updates could be tested, a resilient new platform, and scalability options enabling them to expand their environment to meet demand (or even reduce resources where necessary). As an added reassurance, the bulwark of a disaster recovery process was delivered and would be tested on an ongoing basis.

Richard O’Leary, Managing Director of Epic Solutions, the provider of EpicCare, said: “Our decision to invest in the Microsoft Azure Cloud was based on a number of factors. Not only does it allow us to scale dynamically and cost effectively, it enables us to provide greater levels of business and data resilience for our clinical and patient care records. The amount of data that our customers are capturing has doubled the recent years, reflecting the increased demand for nursing home accommodation.”

“Furthermore, the Microsoft Azure platform offers significant advantages through its value-added offerings such as Cognitive Services. These services perfectly align with our software design philosophy -changing the way users interact with technology. The latest EpicCare upgrade, due for release before the end of the year, incorporates new features such as voice dictation, touch and clinical decision support. These innovations will improve ease-of-use and make the system more engaging and intuitive, allowing users to focus more on patient care and clinical excellence.

“We are confident that with EpicCare now running in Azure we can help aged care providers digitally transform and improve patient care”.

John Roddy, Commercial Director of Microsoft Solutions, Codec, added: “Codec don’t just talk about digital transformation we deliver it to our customers. As the overall winner of the Microsoft Country Partner of the Year  2017 we have seen our Azure business grow by over 350% in the past twelve months. We were delighted to work with Epic Solutions on this innovative project, we were able to demonstrate that we had the experience, local team with the varied skill sets needed to ensure that the project was a success.”

Overall the new solution succeeded in creating a more powerful and robust platform for end users, allowing for continued growth, increased security and paving the way for EpicCare to enter a whole new era of business possibilities.