Harness the benefits of OBIEE for Competitive Advantage

Harness the benefits of OBIEE for Competitive Advantage

Published by: Blandine Faure
Published date: 28th Mar 2014
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Codec-dss provide a range of services that help organisations implement business intelligence solutions using Oracles Business Intelligence Technology. We put the power of your strategic data assets to work by providing breakthroughs where information and people merge to increase competitiveness and sharpen performance; providing greater value to the organisation.

Codec-dss’ main focus is delivering business intelligence solutions that leverage the power of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) to turn raw data into relevant and useful information in the form of reports, dashboards, advanced analytics and key indicators; in order to make informed decisions and to act on critical business information.

Importance of business intelligence in gaining a competitive advantage:
Business intelligence refers to technologies, process, skills and the right application; and use of this information to make an informed decision. In the 21st century, if you do not have sufficient software that allows you analyse data in relation to changes in environment, buying habits or forecast future trends; your company has failed before it even starts.

One of the most popular BI systems used by organisations is Oracle’s Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). There are a number of features of OBIEE which are highlighted in our article:  Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) – The Difference between Success and Failure
As every company has data, Oracle’s Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition is suitable for all types of organisations ranging from global corporations to SME’s; however, you cannot improve what you do not measure.

Using OBIEE, an organisation can reduce the skills required for report production, removing time to produce reports, allowing more time to analyse the results and provides ‘actionable insight’ indicating where action is required. This results in better decision making and product planning, more targeted selling, greater customer retention, and in turn business success and competitive advantage.

Benefits of OBIEE in gaining competitive advantage

  • Faster collection and analysis of data through the use of multi-data source:  gain efficient insight quicker than competitors.
  • Alignment around a consistent set of key performance indicators (KPI’s).
  • Faster, knowledgeable, fact-based decision making through ad hoc queries and analysis; allows you to react to changing market preferences swiftly.
  • Efficient and simplified graphical presentation of data: give an organisation greater market knowledge allowing for forecasting and competitive advantage.

How Codec-dss can harness the benefits of OBIEE to ensure competitive advantage  
The goal for every customer is gaining a competitive advantage in your market from a comprehensive use of Oracle’s Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. Through the combination of OBIEE and Codec-dss’s consultants, your organisation will have a 360-degree, multi-dimensional view of past, current and future results; especially needed in the 21st century.

At Codec-dss, we have a proven track record of providing Irish businesses with infrastructure solutions that have enabled them to develop and extend their business operations in a seamless manner.

This success is due to:

  • Our Business Intelligence Consultants:

Codec-dss is a leading gold partner of Oracle providing a range of technology and support offerings that can help organisations make the most of their investment in technology. Our BI consultants are comprised of certified senior architects, principals, leads and developer with decades of experience implementing OBIEE solutions in organisations from large enterprises to small and mid-sized businesses. They represent top notch talent in the industry who bring considerable knowledge and experience, product knowledge and passion for their chosen field (OBIEE).  This deep experience with OBIEE and other data warehouse technologies enables us to deliver solutions to our clients that are on budget, on time and that exceed expectations.

  • Business Intelligence Roadmap:

Business never stands still and you must be confident that your BI system is able to meet current and future business needs. Our group of consultants will work with you; provide advice on what is new in OBIEE and develop a roadmap to plan for growth and expansion of their Oracle Business Intelligence solutions.

If you need more information on our Oracle Business Intelligence Solutions; or if would like to arrange a consultation, please feel free to email info@codec.ie or call us on 01 603 4300.