New Wave of Virtualisation at Codec

New Wave of Virtualisation at Codec

Published by: Nathan Fulham
Published date: 9th Apr 2018

(Note: This news item is a summary of an article published in the Sunday Business Post on April 8, 2018)

Stephen Black, Director of Operations at Codec (pictured), is keen to address issues around sprawl. The company tries to address the problem by sitting down with clients and emphasising the importance of good governance.

“On premise, you have at least bought the hardware and have a good idea what it’s costing you. But you can spin up test environments in the cloud, leave them running by mistake on virtual infrastructure, and it can get very expensive,” he warned.

“The governance piece is huge. Organisations need to put mechanisms in place or costs can quickly run away from them.”

Virtualisation enables better security, ticks important regulatory boxes, facilitates cloud migration and has become synonymous with digital transformation, the much talked about journey that every organisation is advised to undertake.

Customer conversations with Codec about virtualisation are focused on bigger picture IT transformation.

“All the talk had been about VMware, Hyper-V and server virtualisation, but that’s a commodity at this stage. Now it’s about infrastructure as code and using it to move workloads up and down to public clouds,” said Stephen Black.

He doesn’t foresee many companies going completely cloud so hybrid will prevail. Codec is particularly focused on Microsoft’s Azure Stack as a solution.

“Combining storage, compute and network virtualisation, it’s about bringing cloud capabilities on premise; allowing you to burst back into the public cloud if you need to,” he said.

This benefits businesses in a big way, according to Black, because it allows them to “spin down as well as up”, changing their IT capabilities to align to seasonal demand.

“You can put a bit of science behind it, write scripts for times when you need your SQL servers to be crunching numbers harder. It could be the end of the month, quarter, or year.”

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